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  • Mon-Sat 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm

Palwal (Haryana).

Subjects Offered

Primary (Upto Year 6)

  • Literacy
  • DNumeracy
  • Science
  • International History
  • International Geography
  • Computing
  • Religious Education
  • Handwriting

Lower Secondary

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • International History
  • International Geography
  • Computing

Parent-Teacher Interaction

Parents can meet the Principal between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm. by fixing an appointment with the office.Students can meet the Principal in the office.Parents can meet the subject teachers on Thursdays, after class hours, by prior appointment.There will be one parents meeting per term. Parents can meet the teachers and discuss progress of their children’s work.

Day to day communication: The role of parents in a child’s education is highly valued by TBISC. Constant and effective communication between parents and TBISC is vital to the success of our educational programmers. Parents are requested to keep close touch by using the diary as a communication link and attend all parents meetings / functions to encourage your child.

Extracurricular Activities

Art & Craft, Chess, Circle Time, Dance, Music, Physical Education, Silambam (Indian Martial Art), Table Tennis, Yoga

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